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Best Small Bathrooms with Dark Floors Ideas

Best Small Bathrooms with Dark Floors Ideas

You can’t achieve a dark floor without a bit of help from your own, a lightbox, and fungi. Usually, all you need is a quick hit from foundries, and you’re in the game. We’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to get the look of a bathroom basement floor that you don’t know what to do with.

Beautiful Bathrooms with Dark Floors

Beautiful Bathrooms with Dark Floors

Dark bathroom floors are usually made out of wood or stone. Marble is also used as a material for bathroom floors. Tile is another popular choice for bathroom floors.

We found some really nice bathrooms. This is a very impressive list!

  • Dark floors are very popular in bathrooms because they make them feel more luxurious. A bathroom with a dark hardwood floor seems warm and inviting. Marble topped vanities are very fancy and stylish. The cabinets are very attractive and elegant. Bathrooms with dark floors are very comfortable and relaxing.
  • This luxurious bathroom is spread out over a rich marble floor. There is an intricate white strip design wrapping around the tub and a glass brick enclosure. The shower is also surrounded by micro-tiles. The vanity is made of beige cabinets and marble countertops. At the far end, there is a large walk-in closet.
  • Bathrooms should be clean, but not too clean. Dark wood floors are a stylish touch. Cabinets should be simple and elegant. Showers should be comfortable and spacious enough for two people.
  • The bathroom has a large dark brown tiled wall. There is a large mirror above the sink. The vanity features two vessel sinks. The bathroom is spotless and well-kept.
  • This modern bathroom features a variety of striking elements. There is a large Jacuzzi sunken into the floor, a vessel sinks vanity, a circular glass-enclosed shower, a dark-toned wood-paneled floor, a beige marble wall, a dark wood frame holding a pair of vessel sinks, and a large soaking tub.
  • The bathroom features a dark wood floor, white walls, and a black sink. There are also two sinks, a toilet, and a bathtub. The bathroom is spotless and well-kept.
  • A grand, vaulted ceiling bathtub offers expansive views and a distinct touch. Black tile flooring, an array of bay windows, and natural wood offer a natural touch. Sharp angles contrast with rounded features. This bathroom features jet-black flooring and a series of rounded features.
  • This bathroom is very modern and clean. There are many different colors used throughout the room, including the blue tiles and white walls. The bathtub is also made out of white porcelain.
  • Blue bathrooms are always fun! These two bathrooms are both very unique and different. The bathroom includes a square bathtub surrounded by tiles that rise all the way to the ceiling. The second one is around a bathtub surrounded by tile that extends halfway up the walls. Both bathrooms have lots of light coming into them.
  • A luxurious bathroom features a Jacuzzi tub and black & white vanity, over charcoal gray tile floors. Grey marble walls are complemented by a micro-tile pattern over the tub. A variety of height tiles rise to enclose a soaking bathtub under an array of windows.
  • A minimalist bathroom with detailed tile flooring comprised of dark grey and small white squares. White walls and sink contrast beautifully with the cabinetry and tile flooring. A sleek, minimalist bathroom houses the single bowl-shaped pedestal bathtub at the center, with floating vanities against the far wall. Several strips of stone separate the dark large format tiles.
  • The bathroom is very bright and colorful. The sink is spacious enough for two people to wash up together. There is also a huge bathtub. The stone wall is there to protect you from any danger. The bathroom is designed for relaxation.
  • The bathroom design is very simple. There is a lot of white in this bathroom. Marble tiles are used throughout the room. Cabinets and countertops are made out of wood. Vessel sinks are placed under the mirrors.
  • Bathroom with large format brown tile floor, white walls, and light wood cabinetry on the vanities. Glass enclosed shower. This bathroom combines modern and rustic elements for a striking look.
  • Be sure and check out our bathroom gallery featuring more bathrooms with gorgeous woodwork! This richly textured bath features slim panel hardwood flooring in an elegant dark tone, beneath textured white walls and light wood vanities with vessel sink. The glass enclosures of the shower and the modern amenities create a fresh look. A splash of bright green hardwood adorns the countertops and vessel sinks, lit up by fixtures.
  • The bathroom features both large formats worn brown floor tiling and a black tile surface surrounding the tub area. A curved glass-enclosed shower fills the right side of the room, while a corner-mounted soaking tub is framed in white. Orange vanity is centered in the middle of the room, surrounded by black and white.
  • This bathroom is decorated with dark brown tile flooring, partial wall covering, ornate vanity topped with marble and gold feet, and a white clawfoot tub with golden feet.

What Color Bathroom Vanity Blends With Dark Floors?

Colors are used to make a room more interesting. A variety of colors makes a room more appealing. There are many different types of colors to choose from, including white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, gray, purple, pink, light blue, and dark blue.

Dark colors are great for bedrooms because they make rooms seem more spacious and brighter. But if you want to be practical about it, you’ll need to think about the cost, size of your room, and ease of cleaning up.

Types Of Dark Floors And How To Use Them

Dark floors are a gorgeous idea for any room in any style. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and they’re also a practical option for rooms with high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Here are some of the most popular dark floor options.

What to consider

Before you jump into this project make sure you know what you’re doing! You should always check out the terms of your lease before you start decorating. If you only rent, you might want to stick with colors over patterns. You can do whatever you want with your home if you own it.

Smaller bathrooms are easier to decorate than larger ones. You’ll need fewer items to fill up your space. Painting an old vanity gives a fresh feel to the room. Buying a brand-new vanity means buying brand-new fixtures, installation, and a new countertop.

A bathroom should be clean but not sterile. There should be some style to it. Cleaning it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Vanity comes in many colors, but most people choose white because it blends well with any color. White is also easier to clean than colored ones.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue Minimalist Bathroom

A rich blue works well with dark floors. Wood (grey), black, brown, and even black woodwork well with this color. Gold fixtures pair beautifully with a rich blue vanity top.


Gray Minimalist Bathroom

Neat and neutral. If you are unsure about what kind of style you want, then gray is a wise choice because it is a very versatile color. You can pair it with any other color, but it works well with neutrals as well. Gray is also a classic color, meaning it can be used by everyone.

Forest Green

Green is a suitable color for living rooms because it brings in some life and energy. It’s a gorgeous color for kitchens as well. It can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. It’s a pleasant neutral color that can be combined with other colors.


Black Minimalist Bathroom

Black vanities feel powerful because they’re sleek and modern. Scratches or dents won’t show up. A black vanity stands out but blends into the bathroom setting.

Bathrooms with Dark Floors

Dark Minimalist Bathroom

Dark wood floors are very popular today. They are aesthetically pleasing and elegant, but they are also practical. They can be used in any type of house, whether it is modern, traditional, contemporary, or even shabby chic. They can be chosen in many different shades, including red, purple, brown, grey, etc. They can be made with different materials, such as natural wood, laminate, stone, marble, glass, metal, etc.

As an entrance, the hardwood floor has a black pattern. Polished wood floors contrast with white walls. Dark wood floors clad with a Herringbone pattern. Dark cabinet. Black wooden floors have become an essential part of the monochromatic decor. Dark purple wood plank flooring. Contrasts with white walls and distressed shabby hardwood floors. They play an influential role in the minimalist decor. Dark weathered wood floors. Modern dark oak laminate flooring. Complement the design of this art-deco kitchen. Polished black laminate flooring. Suitable for a Scandinavian space.

Dark Tile Floors

Dark Minimalist Bathroom Floors Tiles

Any flooring can benefit from tiles. You can choose from many different styles and patterns. Darker tile designs are popular right now. Scalloped tiles are also very trendy.

Bathroom tiles in black are made from wood imitations. Dark Grey Tile Bathroom Floors are constructed from ceramic. Large Black Tiles For Kitchen Floors are crafted from porcelain. Dark Grey Tile Bathrooms are built from stone. Herringbone Floor Materials These Black Scallop Tiles Provide A Dramatic Contrast With White Walls. These Black Scallop Tiles Make A Stylish Look For The Bathroom. They Are Made From Ceramic.


How to Clean Concrete Floors?

Outdoor concrete floors need to be cleaned more often than indoor ones because they get dirty faster. Mildew needs to be removed before cleaning concrete floors. You should use a scrub brush and warm water. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives. Use a bucket with soap and warm water. Scrub the surface using a circular motion. Rinse with clean water. Let dry completely.

How to Remove Stains From Concrete?

There are many ways to clean up spills. Bleach is highly toxic and dangerous. Ammonia is also dangerous and should be used carefully. Mixing these chemicals together could cause serious health problems. A natural alternative to cleaning concrete is peanut butter. Apply this mixture to the stained areas and let them dry before scraping off the excess. To remove tough stains, apply trisodium phosphate and water. Use a nylon bristle brush and scrub until the stain is removed. Muriatic Acid can be used on the outdoor floor to clean tough stains, like rust or dry grout. It’s an extremely toxic chemical that should be used with care. Wear protective eyewear and gloves when using it. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions. Use muriatic acid on concrete floors that are polished, stamped, or rough. Don’t use ammonia or bleach on polished or stamped floors, as these chemicals could damage them. Instead, use a mop and bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaner. Apply the mixture to the floor with wet mops, and then rinse with a damp mop.